Let’s improve our relationships, reach our goals not matter how small or large. Achieve lifelong dreams one step at at time. Open yourself up to compassion, love and things that make our lives more fuller and fuller with gratitude.  



Public Speaking

Denise will inspire and empower her audience to grow and choose the life they were meant to live by moving past pain caused by traumatic experiences. Denise will help you cultivate tools to overcome challenges with the right attitude, so you can understand the value of your life. 




As the writer of the book Affirmations That Gave Me Strength in My Struggles, Denise uses this as a strategic manuscript for not only her life but for the betterment and uplifting of those around her and to those she meets.   

Embracing the New You

When things seem dark and you do not see a way out, look up to the heavens and hold on. Look deep inside yourself you will find all the things you need to start a flicker and spark to ignite the Light of Hope that will drive out the darkness trying to keep you in a tunnel of despair and pain. 

Sometimes the drama and chaos of life can distort your perspective and you may blame God or the universe for your misfortunes. We are here  to help you open a deeper connection with your inner soul. Assist you in a private, secure environment where you can open up about how you feel deep down  inside and make room for healing and growth.You will be able to shift gears from the victim mentality to taking responsibility for your own life.

If you are being truthful to yourself and you see that you need Denise’s help do not be afraid to contact her.